John Regazzi
John Regazzi, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Regazzi serves as Managing Director, Professional Information Services Sector Leader of Akoya Capital Partners, a private investment firm that sponsors transactions and invests in lower and middle market businesses with attractive growth prospects.

Dr. Regazzi has spent over 40 years in the electronic information services and IT industries. He has been called a "pioneer" and "true innovator" of the information industry. He has designed, launched, and managed some of the most innovative and well known information services in the professional communities including the Engineering Village, Science Direct, Scirus, Scopus, and many other electronic information services dating back to the early days of the online and CDROM industries.

Dr. Regazzi spent most of his career with Reed Elsevier, and retired as CEO of Elsevier Inc. (NYSE: ENL) Prior to his time at Elsevier, Dr. Regazzi was CEO of Engineering Information Inc., a company he helped turnaround before being acquired by Reed Elsevier. In 2005 Dr. Regazzi assumed the role of Dean of the College of Information and Computer Science of Long Island University (LIU), and recently stepped down from this post and now lectures and directs the Scholarly Communications and Information Innovation Lab at LIU.

Dr. Regazzi holds his BA from St. John's University, MA from University of Iowa, MS from Columbia University, and earned his PhD from Rutgers University.