Custom Epidemiological Studies

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Data

Epidemiologists and statisticians on Inflexxion's Health Analytics team create custom post-marketing epidemiology studies that address targeted questions related to specific products. Common areas of exploration include routes of administration for abuse deterrent formulations and their comparative attractiveness for abuse. Inflexxion scientists work with our clients to address their unique questions and concerns.

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Poison Control Center Data

Consistent with our mission to provide as complete a picture of post-marketing abuse liability as possible, Inflexxion's Health Analytics team employs data from a broad, national data source of poison control centers from the National Poison Data System (NPDS). These data allow for the opportunity to examine not only overall relative abuse in a general population-based sample but also to measure other important abuse-related outcomes such as misuse and death.

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Internet Monitoring & Surveillance Data

Inflexxion monitors and captures data from online Internet forums focused on recreational drug use. Innovative analytic and rating strategies permit empirical examination of Internet data that are used to capture the reactions of an influential group of recreational users to policy and pharmaceutical changes. Such investigations allow for the ongoing tracking and anticipation of national trends.

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New & Targeted Study Data

The Health Analytics team continually explores ways to use aggregate data from Inflexxion's SaaS tools to further the science underlying risk management and clinical decision-making. These include studies utilizing the CHAT™ (Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens) data, clinical data on the treatment of chronic pain patients utilizing the recently launched PainCAS™ tool, measures of product-specific opioid attractiveness for abuse, and psychiatric health care utilizing data from the BHI-MV™.

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