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Picking Up Where the Office Visit Leaves Off

An online program that helps patients manage their pain, painACTION® shows patients how to manage chronic pain – step by step. The painACTION website serves as a daily resource for people with chronic pain conditions. The website provides skill-based lessons to help people manage cancer pain, back pain, migraine pain, arthritis pain, and neuropathic pain, helping them prepare for medical visits and manage their medications safely. The site offers engaging tools, lessons, personal stories, a daily pain tracker, and articles on taking pain medications appropriately and safely, with an entire risk management curriculum devoted specifically to opioids.

painACTION is an instrumental part of PainCAS™, the gold standard pain and opioid risk assessment tool.

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Key features

Teaches patients critical self-management skills

painACTION shows patients how to manage chronic pain step-by-step, accomplish their goals, and get the most out of their medical care. painACTION has been efficacy tested to show that users experience decreased negative psycho- social symptoms associated with chronic pain and experience increased coping skills and self-efficacy.

Provides tailored educational materials

painACTION gathers patient information up front, in order to provide the most relevant resources and educational materials related to a patient’s specific condition and need.

Offers engaging, interactive tools

painACTION provides helpful tools around communication, stress management, alternative and complementary medicine, medication side effects, and much more.

Tracks daily pain levels

painACTION offers an easy-to-use daily tracker to monitor daily pain levels -- and other key topics like stress, sleep, mood, relationships and medication effectiveness -- in order to identify trends and patterns. The daily tracker includes a report that can be easily shared with healthcare providers.

What our customers are saying

As always, this is the most useful site related to pain management around. We recommend it to all of our patients. What you offer, between the publications and the website, is invaluable to the pain patient!"

- Registered Nurse

Your website and info you offer has been very valuable to us and our clients!"

- Chronic Care Professional

Whenever possible I try to connect my patients to the website, which I think is one of the best made sites I have encountered."

- Registered Nurse, Mental Health Liaison Nurse