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Date Title Author/Speaker
Jun-2015 A Randomized Control Trial of an Online Self-Management Program for Adults with Arthritis Pain Trudeau, K. J.; Pujol, L. A.; DasMahapatra, P.; Wall, R.; Black, R. A.; Zacharoff, K.
May-2015 Mediators and Moderators of Chronic Pain Outcomes in an Online Self-Management Program DasMahapatra, P.; Chiauzzi, E.; Pujol, L. M.; Los, C.; Trudeau, K. J.
Mar-2015 Nonmedical Use of Prescription ADHD Stimulant Medications Among Adults in a Substance Abuse Treatment Population: Early Findings From the NAVIPPRO Surveillance System Cassidy, T. A.; McNaughton, E. C.; Varughese, S.; Russo, L., et al.
Feb-2014 Monitoring of Internet Forums to Evaluate Reactions to the Introduction of Reformulated OxyContin to Deter Abuse McNaughton, E. C.; Coplan, P. M.; Black, R. A.; Weber, S. E.; Butler, S. F.
Jan-2014 From documenting death to comprehensive care; Applying lessons from the HIV/AIDS epidemic to addiction Wakeman, S. E.; Green, T. C.; Rich, T.;
Dec-2013 Changes in prevalence of prescription opioid abuse after introduction of an abuse-deterrent opioid formulation Cassidy, T. A.; DasMahapatra, P.; Black, R. A.; Wieman, M. S.; Butler, S. F.
Dec-2013 Law enforcement attitudes toward overdose prevention and response Green, T. C.; Zaller, N.; Palacious, W.; Case, P., et al.
Nov-2013 Electronic opioid risk assessment program for chronic pain patients: Barriers and benefits of implementation Butler, S. F.; Zacharoff, K.; Charity, S.; Lawler, K.; Jamison, R. N.
Nov-2013 Emergency department utilization among recently released prisoners: a retrospective cohort study Frank, J. W.; Andrews, C. M.; Green, T. C.; Samuels, A., et al.
Oct-2013 Shortening the Current Opioid Misuse Measure via computer-based testing: a retrospective proof-of-concept study Finkelman, M. D.; Kulich, R. J.; Zoukhri, D.; Smits, N.; Butler, S. F.
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